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Европейски уеб страници

- Leonardo da Vinci National Agency
- Leonardo da Vinci Programme
- European Commission


- Marie Curie Association
- PhoenixKM BVBA
- Bolu Guidance and Research Centers (BoluRAM)
- Workability Europe
- Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce
- University of Worcester


- Employability ІІ
- "VOCA Europe" Project – the Project of "Leonardo da Vinci" 2006-2007
- "Job-Oriented E-Learning in Biotechnology and Evironmental Protection"
- "European Governance Network"
- "Access to Professional Training for Disabled People"(APT)
- "European Quality Management for Professionals Working with Disabled People"
- "New Opportunities for Youth Occupation"
- "Inclusion of Disabled People in Open Labour Market"
- "Biotechnology and Public Health Transnational Network"
- "Quality Assurance and Accessible Training"
- "Public Health Training in Social Diseases"
- "Virtual Incubator for Prequalification into Resource Tutor for Disabled People"
- "A1 For Jobs"
- Validation of Mentoring
- Vocational Improvement Pipeline Project
- Гарантиране на качеството при кариерното консултиране на младежи

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