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• To establish new mentoring programmes in 3 countries for new target groups (older people and young people at risk) and new sectors (see submenu Target sectors);
• To transfer to them the principles and practices of effective, high quality, mentoring and validation, based on the Code of Practice for Mentoring;
• In support for the transfer, to develop and evaluate comprehensive systems for the self-assessment of mentoring programmes;
• To develop and promote the self-sustained continuation of the overall validation process;
• To set up, and transfer good practice to, 3 new pilot mentoring programmes;
• To adapt and transfer the Code of Practice as the basis for these new programmes;
• To develop a rigorous self-assessment system to support the Code of Practice;
• To monitor, test and review the mentoring programmes;
• To gather information about the nature and performance of other mentoring programmes;
• To refine, using the evaluation of the pilots and data from other programmes, the Code of Practice;
• To maintain, throughout the project, an active strategy and campaign of valorisation with particular emphasis on supporting the long-term continuation of the project’s outcomes;
• To establish and deliver a rigorous system for the quality management of the project and the high standard of its outcomes.

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